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Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere has never been easier than with our selection of patio heaters. Patio heaters are designed with durability in mind and can endure a variety of outdoor weather conditions, so you can leave them set up outdoors, even during periods of time when they're not in use. When it's time to gather on the patio, simply turn on these heaters and enjoy the radiant warmth. Patio heaters come in an array of designs to best suit your needs. Some have dancing flames that travel the length of the column, while others emit warmth from a heated piece that's shielded by a hood. Not sure what heater style is right for your patio space? Let's take a look at a few ideas!

Will an open-flame heater work for your space? Do you host parties, family get-togethers or enjoy an occasional backyard beverage with a couple of close friends? Open-flame patio heaters add ambiance to the atmosphere while warding off chilly air. The unique look of real fire lends a campfire touch to your space with a dancing flame that's securely contained. These types of heaters bring visual charm to the mix, as well as inviting warmth.

Maybe traditional patio heaters are more of your style. These devices may be portable or stationary, and use bottled propane or natural gas to fuel the heat. When placed in the center of your patio area, this style of heater will warm a 10-foot radius with radiant heat. When you're not using it, simply turn it off and let it cool. Portable versions can be stored indoors, while stationary models can securely remain outdoors.

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Add:#158 Taidong RD, Boyiqiao, Zouqu town, Zhonglou District, Changzhou, China
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